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Recent Activity
New Website:

Due to the lack of the flexibility of Wordpress to do exactly what I want it to do and suffering unacceptably long load times for every page due to a hidden plugin that I could not deactivate, I've decided to remake my entire website from scratch using a different piece of web building software (WYSIWYG Web Builder 10 for those of you who might be interested). Hopefully now it will be easier for me to update my website with new content going forward and make it easier, and quicker, for anyone visiting to find what they're looking for. Keep in mind that this is the first itteration of my remade site, so please bear with me if there are any oddities with it that still need to be ironed out.

To help comemorate my new website, I finished the next episode of Road to Orran and posted it here. You can find the rest of the episodes of Road to Orran, and all my other work, in the Projects section.