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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
The allakus lives in or near large forests and jungles in Pangaea’s northern hemisphere. They are most abundant in Austranvia and its eastern neighbours. While they live in Horagothien as well, their numbers are significantly smaller due to the lack of large natural forests. They often migrate south across Horagothien’s vast steppes to the Great Marshlands in the winter to avoid the cold and lack of vegetation, then return north in the summer. Its body length from head to tail is 13 meters. Allaki are very timid and travel in herds for safety, though they are dangerous if they feel threatened and start swinging their tails around to defend themselves. Centuries of being hunted by humans have taught these creatures to stay far away from their influence. Very rarely would one ever be spotted near a town or frequently used highway, except when they are migrating. Their long necks enable them to reach vegetation from very high places. While there aren’t many trees to feed off of in Horagothien, its long neck still serves a valuable function as it allows the animal to scan miles across the flat steppes for predators and other threats. While the allakus is the tallest known animal in Pangaea’s northern hemisphere, it is not the tallest in the world. That title is held by the allakus’s counterpart in the southern hemisphere, the ralkor, which stands nearly twice as tall at a full body length of 26 meters. However, while the ralkor is the tallest, most of its length comes only from its neck and tail. Out of the two, the allakus has the sturdier body.
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