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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
Horagothien stands as the oldest nation in Pangaea following the first coming of Krazatan, the Chaos Dragon. Its landscape is dominated by roaming steppes and grasslands. There are very few large natural forests, so most of Horagothien’s settlements have to grow their own timber orchards in order to supply themselves with lumber. Due to the scarcity of timber in most regions of this country, many towns and villages also resort to using the bone plates of spinebeasts for furniture and housing material. These bone plates also make good replacements for armour material as the lack of mountains in Horagothien limits the country’s ability to mine and produce metals. Due to the rolling expanses of Horagothien’s steppes, its military is comprised mostly of mounted infantry to swiftly traverse the land and strike down enemies. While much of the history was lost over time it is believed that when the City of Tenjai sank into the ocean from the mighty attacks of Rekai and Krazatan, the survivors made their way north-east to the ruins of one of their ancient cities for shelter. They rebuilt what they could with what little tools they had. This city became known as Galathi City, and it became the capital city of Horagothien. The country’s capital was later moved to Draton City to keep its main house of government as close to the center of Horagothien’s territory as possible.

Horagothien is home to the Ashen Mountains. While the mountain range is small when compared to others in the world, it is home to the largest volcano in the world, Oraga. While most of the smaller volcanoes in the area have become inactive, Oraga remains alive and dangerously unpredictable. It is often believed that when an earthquake is felt in Galathien or Horitan it is often due to Oraga erupting. Luckily most settlements in the region remain out of the volcano’s reach, but the constant bombardment of black smoke and ash makes agriculture around the Ashen Mountains next to impossible. This mountain range is also home to the largest population of red dragons in the country, if not the world. These creatures are extremely territorial, with the strength and temperament to exceed even that of a kerosus. With the combined threat of Oraga and the red dragons this region is easily the most dangerous place in Horagothien.

Horagothien is ruled through a pentarchy style of government, where the various tasks of governing are split up among five individuals who are commonly referred to as the Five Kings of Horagothien. The Grand General of National Defence controls Horagothien’s military and is charged with protecting the nation from external threats. The Grand Marshal of Internal Security is charged with up-keeping the law and rooting out internal threats such as criminals and spies. The Grand Vizier of Trade and Finance is in charge of Horagothien’s economy, working closely with the Merchant’s Guild to organize trade routes, adjust tax rates and assign funds to areas in need of development or maintenance. The Grand Minister of Law and Order is in charge of the country’s infrastructure and political position. By setting laws and maintaining relations with neighboring nations the Grand Minister insures the continued prosperity of Horagothien. The Grand Maester of Life and Virtue is the head of the Church of Order. He is charged with spreading the teachings and lessons of ancient times to ensure the mistakes made by their forefathers will never be repeated. He is also responsible for managing tithes and developing schools so children may be properly educated to become valuable members of society.

The Five Kings reside in the capital cities of each province, the Grand General in Nethric City of Norrim, the Grand Marshal in Galathi City of Galathien, the Grand Vizier in Hurita City of Orran, the Grand Minister in Draton City of Horitan, and the Grand Maester in Breniston City of Delain. Every five to ten years a summit is held in Draton City where all five kings get together to discuss their plans for Horagothien’s security and prosperity in the coming years. This is the only time the Five Kings ever come together in one place.