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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
Star-Crossed Lovers
     I have always watched you from afar. Ever since the beginning, ever since the stars were nothing more than motes of dust and our hearts aimless clouds of flame, I have watched you. You have always been my beacon of light amidst an endless void, the sight of you a blessed warmth within the cold of nothingness. How cruel a fate to be so close to the love of my life, to see her beauty and brilliance every waking moment, yet remain so far from her that even time warps my perception, showing her as she once was, but never as she is now.
     How I crave your embrace, to feel your arms around me, locking us together for all eternity. How long must I wait until the forces of nature allow our union? Every moment I am without you tears my heart more forcefully than a thousand black holes. Yet still I wait, still I watch, still I yearn. Your majesty has captured me in a way nothing, living or dead, could ever hope to surpass. It is a pain I have come to know as intimately as the intricacies of your milky-white strands, and from the moment I first felt that pain I knew I could never live without it. So I continue to watch, continue to wait, continue to yearn. I continue to suffer, because it is the only existence I have ever known.
     My mind is consumed with thoughts of our long-awaited joining, of the day our spirits will become one. My heart races with anticipation for such an event. Our love will shine brighter than the largest quasar, lighting up the night with an intensity to rival even the beginning. Just imagining it makes me want you more with every passing moment. Even though our friends and families try to pull us away, I know with all my mind, heart, and soul that nothing will keep us apart.
     So I wait for that fateful day, despite the eons that stand between us. I have waited since time immemorial to feel your touch, and I will gladly wait even longer, until the forces of the universe deem the moment right. Even now I can feel them pulling us together. It is a small tug, barely noticeable in the face of everything else that influences our paths, but for me it is an anchor dragging me down into the sweet unknown. As ages pass the pull will strengthen, bringing us ever closer. When the time of our joyous union arrives we will dance and spin together in a magnificent vortex.
     I know our first embrace will be brief, fleeting. The same forces that will bring us together will also split us apart. It will seem cruel to be pulled away after waiting so long to experience the ecstasy of your essence, and my heart may break because of it. But, we will find our way to each other’s hearts again and dance that forbidden dance. We will spin, we will twine, we will move together until we can move no more. When our strength finally gives out we will come together, enveloping one another in such a unity that can only be dreamed of. I ache for the day our souls become one, a day that will give birth to something even more glorious than our love.
     You are my Milky Way, I am your Andromeda, and I will forever long for the day that I know you as I know my own heart.