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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
The Road to Orran
When the first book of Legacy of Krazatan was published I was happy to see it receive generally positive responses from everyone who read it. However, one criticism I received regarding a sudden, and somewhat jarring, time skip near the end of the book continued to stand out in my mind for the following years. Originally I had wanted the book to be much longer to make Kai's initial journey more meaningful, but I cut it short as my initial impression of the publishing industry was that if a book from a first-time author was too long no publishing house would pick it up because they would see it as a dangerous investment. This series of short stories is my attempt to add some content within that timeline gap and develop a little more of the world of Pangaea while giving my readers a bit of content to enjoy every few months while I continue working on my second book.

Spoiler Warning: Since this series contains characters and references to events from my first book, I strongly recommend reading Legacy of Krazatan - Book I: A Hero's Birth before going through these short stories.
Episode I - Yellow Dragon

A few days after leaving Rebachec with their new goal of escorting Kim safely to her home they stop to hunt
and feed their therasi, only to encounter a yellow dragon that tries to steal their kill while the carcass is still

Episode II - Playing With Fire

One evening while Lukan is scouting the area to make sure their camp is safe for the night, Kai tries to explain
to Kim his limited knowledge of how angel magic works. Trouble ensues when Kai tries to demonstrate his

Episode III - Dragonkin

The group comes across one of Horagothien's many couriers, and Kai gets the chance to ride on one of
Pangaea's largest avian species.

Episode IV - Draton City

Kai and the others finally reach Draton City, but in order to prevent drawing attention from the Crimson Cartel
they decide not to go inside. While they set up came in the fields some way from the outskirts Kai learns a little
about the city and the Spire of Patriarchs.

Episode V - Sulves

The group stops at the small village of Sulves for the night, and Kai meets an exceptionally sly gamer.

Episode VI - Orakko

The group passes through the traveller's city of Orakko and pay their respects to the Arch Angel and his son,
at which time Kai has a quick lesson about humility and generosity.

Episode VII - Amar

The group stops at the peaceful ranching village of Amar to eat and rest for the evening. Kim teaches Kai a few
more tricks for how to control his moody therasus, Trak, and Kai learns a little more about Lukan, the
Watchers, and to his surprise Father Kenneth, the priest from his home village.

Episode VIII - Neltin

Not yet written.

Episode IX - Ashlyn

Not yet written.

Episode X - Galathi City

Not yet written.

Episode XI - (Title Pending)

Not yet written.

Episode XII - Rucker

Not yet written.