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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
Therasus & Skyle
Therasus: The therasus is a common predator in all parts of Pangaea, and a dangerous one at that. These creatures range anywhere from 8.5 to 12 meters in length from head to tail. The people of Horagothien were the first to tame therasus and use them as mounted cavalry and personal transport. Many travellers prefer to ride therasus not only because it makes their trip safer, but a well trained one will defend its master from any and all threats. Its presence also wards off smaller predators like skyles (bottom right), making it much safer to camp at night. Tamed therasus are generally smaller than their wild counterparts. Only in the wilds can one find therasus that’s length exceeds 12 meters, and taming one of these beasts is about as easy as taming a forest fire. If you run into one, your best chance of survival is to have your therasus attack it while you run away.

Skyle: Skyles are tiny reptiles that have populated the entirety of Pangaea, seen by most as common vermin. Skyles that find their way inside a town or city, known commonly as urban skyles, survive by rummaging through people’s garbage or by sneaking into their pantries and eating their food. Skyles found in the wilderness are much more dangerous because they will travel and hunt in packs. Finding one alone is harmless if you kill it quickly, but if it manages to call the rest of its pack they will overrun their prey in a matter of seconds. They usually travel in packs of twelve to twenty. The corpses of travellers have often been found on the side of roads completely torn apart by these tiny creatures, their bones littered with thousands of tiny bite marks. They generally won’t attack groups of three or more people, but travelling the long roads of Pangaea alone without a therasus means certain death due to these creatures.