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Tylor Kranyak
Author of Legacy of Krazatan
Other Short Stories
This section is for other short stories that are unrelated to my other main pieces of work. Most of these are pieces that I wrote for writing classes or just when the mood struck me, but they're still good enough that I feel they deserve to be read just like the rest of my work instead of just being left on my harddrive to be forgotten.
The Inventor

A short piece I wrote for a romance writing class. I can't remember the specifics of the assignment, but it had
something to do with developing two different characters and have them interact with each other in an
interesting way.

Dogfights Pt. 1

This piece was somewhat of a fan piece I wrote based on the work of Shelly Laurenston's Pride series. It's
about two agents trying to track down and stop an underground animal fighting ring... but with a twist. I used
this as a short exercise in foreshadowing.

Dogfights Pt. 2

This is a follow-up to the previous Dogfights piece that gives a bit of a window to Jake, Sarah and their world.

Star-Crossed Lovers

This is another short romance piece I wrote for a writing class. The assignment I believe was to create a love
letter, but I decided to go in a unique direction with it.


This piece was another writing class assignment where I had to write a short horror story. A girl named Kim is
on her way home from the library when she sees something strange emerge from the bushes...


This is a short piece I wrote about Gary, a clone who escaped from an underground bunker called Vault 108.
Those of you who played Fallout 3 will know what this is all about.

Augmented Reality

This is a science-fiction piece I did for another writing class assignment. For those of you who are not aware,
the prevailing trope of any science-fiction story is to present a futuristic advancement to society that's
supposed to improve everyone's lives and turn it on its head to show how that same advancement can impede
or even destroy our way of life. For this assignment I decided to write about augmented reality and the
dependence on electronic devices that we need to use in order to function in our everyday lives. I also tried to
put a funny spin on it as an added exercise one comedy writing.


This piece was a simple writing assignment where the only objective was to fit the phenetic spelling of "catsup"
(the alternate spelling of "ketchup") somewhere in the short story. I decided to have some fun with this one
and wrote a whole fight sequence between a woman and a tiger.

The Dog

I can't remember what assignment this piece was for, but the funny thing about this short story is that it's based
off of a true story I heard from someone I met in college. For obvious reasons I'm not going to give out any
real names, and the names in this piece are purely fictitious ones I made up for the sole purpose of writing this
short story.

An Atheist in Heaven

This is one of the first short stories I'd ever written. I wanted to write something that put a spin on the concept
of the afterlife. Mainly, however, my inspiration for writing this was a joke I heard one time from a friend at
college. The basic premise of the joke was a dead man's spirit being led into traditional Christian heaven for a
tour, then the angel showing him around suddenly says, "And over here you can see Valhalla." then the dead
guy responds with a confused, "Wait, what?"